The Easy Way
to Avoid Paperwork

Manage your team in one place with Checkliso, keeping you safe with an easy sign-in/sign-out register during COVID-19.

    The easy way to avoid paperwork is checkliso

    Built for every business

    You can keep all your important health and safety documents in one place with Checkliso. And you can keep across site sign-ins and sign-outs during the COVID-19 restrictions. Plus, you can keep across the different jobs booked in so that everyone in your team knows who is doing what.
    Sign-in/Sign-Out RegisterThe register is needed under COVID-19 protocols. We make it simple for you.
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    Job Sheets & DetailsWith this feature, everyone knows who is doing what and where. Easy as.
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    Record KeepingKeep critical files in one place, making life a lot easier when you need to access them.
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    Health and SafetyYou can keep all your important health and safety documents in one place with Checkliso.
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    Checkliso Poster

    Stay safe: get your COVID-19 sign-in and sign-out poster

    Put the poster up at your work site and get people to scan with their phone the QR Code


    The signing-in solution

    Worried about how to responsibly and efficiently follow the COVID-19 protocols when you return to work under Alert Level 3?

    Checkliso is ideal for tradies and owners of building companies as we have an easy to follow, worry-free sign in/sign-out function. It’ll save you time and stress, and critically, help to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 restrictions. We look forward to showing you how simple it is during a live demonstration of Checkliso. Sign up for your free demonstration today.

    Get Ready To:Save Time. Save Stress. Stay Safe.
    Checkliso is a flexible mobile dashboard. You can add parts to suit your business, or just use it as it comes. Either way, it’s going to be simple to operate, removing all the hassle from team management no matter the size of your team. And what’s more, you get to make it personal by using your company’s branding.
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